When it comes to hot tubs people tend to fall in love with them and cannot wait for them to arrive and be installed, however if you want your ongoing love affair with your new hot tub to continue then you do need to give it some care and attention.

Firstly if you are not to start dreading turning it on because it costs so much to heat that you cannot afford it, then you need to think carefully when buying one, as whilst you may love the largest tub in the shop and be able to afford it. You need to ask yourself if you can afford to run it regularly, as if not you will just come to hate the sight of it. So when choosing the size of your purchase, let your head rule the decision, not your heart.

A hot tub needs you to love it daily, and by this we mean it will need the water testing daily and chemicals such as pH plus or minus adding daily in order to keep the water nice and clean. There are also other chemicals that may need adding weekly and monthly. We cannot stress enough that these are vital for the well being of the water. If you leave it unloved for a week or so then you are highly likely to pull back the cover to find it full of algae.

If this happens you may well end up draining it, flushing the entire system and then re-filling it, if you have to do this more than once you will soon get frustrated.

The daily tasks need doing even when you are away on holiday, so if you are away through business or regularly travel then you will need someone to do this daily when you are away.

And when it comes to covers, buy the best one you can as it will keep the heat in and the leaves out, and trust us the hot tub will love you back for buying a good one, as it will use less electric and keep nice and clean, and hot!

So as you can see if you want to have a great time and use it regularly you are going to have to give your hot tub a little love, care and attention to get the best from it. Just follow the above simple tips to get the best enjoyment from it.