Interested in buying a bidet, but are unsure of which kind to choose? Choosing the right kind of bidet will allow you to make use of features that you require at a price point that you will be happy with. In some cases it may be that you have limited installation options in your home, and if that’s the case then you will need to choose a bidet very carefully.

Advantages of a non-electric bidet

For those of you with a tight budget that are interested in buying an entry level bidet then you should consider the non-electric version because they are the cheapest. A lot of non-electric bidets can be bought for as little as $50, which is a bargain considering what function they serve. The price gap between the non-electric ones and the electric ones is so big that you may think the benefits of the electric bidets are not good enough to justify spending the extra money.

Non-electric ones are also eco-friendly and can reduce your power bills. Reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible is important, therefore if you are not really bothered about the benefits of an electronic bidet toilet then get a non-electric bidet.

Advantages of an electronic bidet toilet

If you are prepared to spend a little extra money on a bidet then it may prove to be worth it because of the additional features that are on offer. For instance, the seat can be warmed up to room temperature; this is a particularly beneficial feature if you live in a cold climate. Additionally, the water can be warmed up instantly in order to allow for a comfortable experience. This also saves water because you won’t need to run any water while waiting for it to warm up.

Choosing an online store

There are many online stores that specialize in selling bidets and you will be able to find what you are after. However, it is worth looking around even if you find something you like, because you may come across another online store 5 minutes later that sells the same product at a much cheaper rate.

When looking for any type of online store it is always important to look for affiliations and security stamps, which are typically found in the sidebar towards the bottom of a page or in the footer. These go a long way towards giving you the peace of mind that the store you are buying from is legit.

Additionally, make sure that you get a guarantee with any bidet toilet that you buy. This will save you a lot of hassle in the future if your bidet appears to be fault after only a short period of use.